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FEDRA - Solid fuel heaters


Furnace for generation and combustion of biogas utilizing coal, biomass and other solid fuels is the entirely new product in our as well as at the international market.
The furnace does not have the classic type of fire box, grating, ashtray, or any type of tool and operating supplies. It consists of exchangeable burner that is perforated along its entire rim; it is set in the metal frame partitioned with moveable plate at height of upper portion of the burner. Air intake is performed in the lower zone, while combustion is taking place in the upper zone wherein the plates are positioned so to  preserve  the heat and fine ash particles. Fuel ignition in the burner is carried out from underneath while at the same time air is let in from all sides along the entire rim. This enables the complete combustion of solid fuels, without smoke, environmental pollution, and flue, therefore, it is not necessary to clean it during the entire heating season. Three interchangeable burners secure enough fuel for 24 hours, handling is easy, cleanness of the surrounding area is maximal; maintenance time is minimal (15 minutes per 24 hours).