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FEDRA - Solid fuel heaters

A heater (furnace) for generation and combustion of biogas utilizing coal, biomass, and other solid fuels, is entirely new product in our and international markets.
This invention is registered and patent protected at the Institute for Intellectual Property in Belgrade.
The product belongs to the domain of household furnaces (heaters) and central heating furnaces (heaters).

Its identification number according to the international patent classification is F 24 B 1/02.

All known solid fuel heaters (furnaces) pollute the environment with smoke and unburnt soot, polluting also the part of living quarters where they are located (due to the firing, cleaning and taking the ashes out), their combustion is poor, they consume a lot of fuel and require a lot of time for cleaning of the furnace flues, firing and maintaining normal sanitary conditions in the area.
The essence of the invention is following: with firing of the burner (А) from the above, entire biogas generated in the destructive distillation is combusted in the glowing coal. When the air is freely brought into the flame, biogas and small unburnt soot particles combust fully as the burner sucks in additional oxygen according to the need, meanwhile only invisible water vapor exits through the chimney (flue).   This combustion process was enabled through the burner specially made from the cylindrical shaped sheet metal. Its entire rim is perforated, and its lower side has been sealed off. When it is filled with fuel, it is inserted into the metal frame in the shape of parallelepiped which is separated with plate B in two: C (open portion) and D (sealed portion) thus making the furnace. After the burner A has completed combustion, it is exchanged with another fuel filled burner, while the used one is taken out; following the removal of ashes, it is filled again to await new firing.