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Wire mesh conveyors

For easier orientation, wire mesh conveyors have been classified by industries wherein they are applied:

Wire mesh conveyors are applied in all processes whereby one of the following is performed: deep freezing procedures, fluid cooling, water and other fluid washing, drying (i.e. with warm air), baking in various chamber stoves, thermal processing of the parts, sintering.
Presently, it is obvious that wire mesh conveyors perform in highly different conditions, therefore, there is entire array of various designs and each is adapted to the actual end purpose of the conveyor.

FERIT ltd employs 20 professionals whose knowledge and experience guarantee the Company’s important domestic and international market placement in the production of wire mesh conveyors, strainers and meshes in the future. Our company maintains the significant amount of exports into Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, and Czech Republic and it is a regional leader in this type of production.

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